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Restaurant and F&b Consultancy
Restaurant and catering Consultancy in Qatar
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Hospitality Consultancy

BrandPortunity is a leading hospitality consultancy in the United Arab Emirates with a focus on innovation and intelligence. We offer solution-driven services that guide and support your restaurant business to grow and evolve. Our name reflects our ability to create unique brands and turn challenges into opportunities seamlessly.

With over a decade of experience, we have built strong networks across the MENA region, including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, and Oman. Our vast knowledge and data give us a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the latest trends in the industry.

Our team and partners come from various backgrounds in the food and beverage industry, including hoteliers, restaurateurs, creative executives, celebrity chefs, architects, web and graphic designers, and financial and marketing experts. We prioritize building long-term relationships with our clients, providing them with accurate and strategic planning for their growth and development. We consistently deliver exceptional results that are unique and delicious

Restaurant and catering Consultancy in dubai
Restaurant and catering Consultancy in Qatar
Restaurant and F&b Consultancy

WHAT we do ?

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Concept Development

As a team, we are here to support you in generating new business ideas and serve as a sounding board. We will guide you through the different phases required to establish a unique and distinguishing brand. Our assistance during the initial stage of concept development will involve collaborating with you to craft an innovative product, including activities such as developing branding and design strategies, analyzing market entry strategies, drawing inspiration from mood boards, and conducting studies on kitchen layouts to ensure your product offering are most convenient.

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Feasibility Studies & Analysis

At BrandPortunity Hospitality Consultancy, our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of the diverse and intricate markets in the region. We specialize in constructing and evaluating financial feasibility studies, analyzing existing concepts and key performance indicators along with the investment highlights, interpreting industry trends, and creating robust business plans for new and/or existing concepts. We are proficient at evaluating your monthly business financials (yearly or quarterly).

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Interior Design and Conceptualization

Our team comprises of innovative and visionary architects who recognize the significance of style, form, and functionality in the conceptualization of interior design. Through design thinking workshops, we ensure that these aspects are thoroughly considered and strategically incorporated into our designs to establish a robust brand identity that can thrive in various environments and align budgetary requirements. To facilitate this process, we utilize 3D perspectives to present each concept before proceeding to transform them into detailed plans and PR storytelling, thereby ensuring a successful launch.

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Brand Identity Development

Our branding team, together with our reliable partners, is dedicated to developing a comprehensive hospitality concept tailored to your business needs. We begin by formulating a brand strategy that focuses on creating a distinctive brand identity to give you a competitive edge in the market. this includes designing key components such as packaging, stationary, uniforms, menu layouts, etc. and other essential elements, all of which geared towards ensuring that your brand name, logo, and slogan are unique and accurately convey your unique story.

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Location's Acquisition

The success of each food and beverage concept is contingent upon securing a desirable and distinct location that can attract foot traffic. At our company, we leverage our extensive network of landlords in prime areas and shopping malls to evaluate potential locations on your behalf. We make recommendations based on a SWOT location assessment to ensure that you can make an informed decision on the best location for your concept.

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Menu Creation and Development

We strive to offer meticulously crafted menus through inventive research, deep comprehension of market trends, and precise product costing analysis. Our team, and our creative chefs provide recommendations on updating or creating new menus, advise on optimal pricing practices, and furnish digital menu design featuring high-quality food styling and photography in addition to generating a detailed recipes booklet. Moreover, we meticulously analyze the latest food trends and suggest solutions for ingredients preparation and methods, as well as cost efficiencies for the business.

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Brand Audits, Diagnosis Visits and recommendations

At BrandPortunity, we recognize the significance of providing outstanding service and fostering strong business relationships with our partners. To ensure their success, we conduct regular diagnostic visits, providing solutions that help them address any issues or concerns that may arise. Additionally, we offer recommendations for developing or improving standard operating procedures and other operational manuals and guide our partners through business restructuring or any other challenges they may face. As a one-stop shop, we offer comprehensive services to help our partners reduce costs, increase sales, manage inventory, and enhance their brand innovative marketing plans.

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Brand Marketing Strategy and
Social Media

Our team of expert marketers and social media partners will develop tailored marketing and sales plans to increase your business’s front-of-mind awarness in the competitive marketplace, based on your unique needs. we will recommend the most effective strategies to enhance sales on social media platforms, putting several innovative ideas in place for execution utilizing best practices and innovative techniques in the food and beverage retail marketplace.

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Franchises Advisory and
Franchising Opportunities

Our company serves as a trusted advisor to franchisors seeking to enter the marketplace. We provide guidance on market understanding to facilitate a seamless market entry and act as a liaison between potential franchisees and franchisors, connecting the dots for both parties and facilitating the development of successful business plan and journey. Additionally, we partner with key brands seeking to entre new markets in the region. For more information, please reach out to our senior consultant.

WHO we are?

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Christian Salloum

Managing Director

Christian has an impressive Christian has an impressive background and experience in the competitive food and beverage retail and service industries across the Middle East and North Africa. He is a “foodpreneur” practitioner who has been instrumental in the success of various casual and fine dining concepts, international retail bakeries, quick service restaurants, and boutique enterprises. His approach to business considers strategic brand development and brand creation, new market entry, strategic food and beverage real estate development and hospitality interior design, and the implementation of intelligent marketing and business plans. He has also been involved in the establishment, growth and acquisition of successful brands and companies across the region.
Christian has gained invaluable experience in the Middle East, where he played a pivotal role in the successful growth development of PAUL bakeries and restaurants in ten countries in the MENAT region. Under his leadership, the brand expanded to over 70 stores. Additionally, during the pandemic, he provided support to various other brands in evolving and growing their digital business. His expertise covers all aspects of the food and beverage industry, from offering strategic business advisory services to creating new concepts, redesigning and rebranding opportunities, crafting well-balanced menus, restructuring and refining businesses for success, establishing solid marketing plans, conducting financial assessments of projects, and highlighting the benefits of investing in the food and beverage sector. He has also worked on upgrading facilities for quick service restaurants and trendy casual-dining venues, as well as equipping food trucks and luxurious fine-dining houses.
Christian holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Lebanon, a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and Restaurant Management, and an Executive Master of Business Administration from CITY, University of London. He also writes for various magazines, including Hospitality News Middle East and Hotels and Catering News Magazine

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Rami Mouallem

Architects Director

Rami is a passionate and creative architect who is dedicated to his profession and strives to advance its importance in society. While studying at university, he gained experience working in the F&B sector, which ignited his passion for designing dining experiences. He is also well-known as M3alim (teacher in the Lebanese language), a renowned graffiti artist and muralist who has traveled the world showcasing his art for a variety of local and international companies, including Marvel Studios, Porsche, Red Bull, Adidas, Pepsi Cola, and others. He even participated in the Guinness World Record in 2014-2017.
In addition to designing residential and hotel spaces, Rami has made a name for himself by creating innovative interior designs for a variety of F&B concepts in the region of the Middle East. Some of his notable projects include the Villaggio resorts in Lebanon, as well as Echo Hotel Irish Bar, Echo Hotel Garden Restaurant, Frankie’s, Oxford Street, and many others in locations ranging from UAE and KSA to Egypt, Italy, Ghana, and others.

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Olaf Abi Aad

Senior Food Investment Consultant

Olaf is an experienced Investment Specialist in the food industry, with a focus on strategy business, and financial investment planning when it comes to mass manufacturing production within the food industry. He has gained extensive expertise across the GCC where he has been working for over 16 years in the areas of manufacturing solutions, food technology, and food security. He has had a significant impact in these areas, with over 900 tons of food being produced daily as a result of his efforts and smart approaches.

BrandPortunity Consultancy

Georges Chihane

Chef Consultant

Georges Chihane comes from a family of chefs and has followed in their footsteps with pride. He earned his bachelor’s degree in hotel management in Lebanon and then pursued his passion for culinary arts by obtaining a master’s degree in Cuisine Gastronomie at the renowned Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, France – considered the gastronomic capital of the world. Georges began his culinary journey as a commis chef, where he discovered his passion for creative cooking.
For nearly ten years, Georges has worked as an exceptional culinary consultant for key operators and foodservice companies in the industry. His talents were soon recognized by PAUL Bakeries, who invited him to join their franchise as an executive chef in Dubai. He continued to gain experience in the Gulf region and successfully opened several homegrown concepts in countries such as Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Currently, Georges is a culinary development manager for a well-known food distribution company and works as a culinary consultant for several hotels and restaurants. He is respected for his meticulous attention to detail and is a board member of prestigious organizations such as the Qatar Culinary Professionals, Emirates Culinary Guild, and the World Chefs and WACS Certified Judge. He recently received the coveted honor of Maître Rotisseur from the iconic world association, Chaines Des Rotisseurs.

Sarah Najjar

F&B operations specialist

Sarah is an accomplished restaurant professional, leveraging her extensive industry experience to oversee day-to-day operations and maximize profitability. In addition to owning and managing her own dessert shop, “The Sweetspot”, Sarah possesses expertise in staff and inventory management, financial management, customer service, menu development, and other key areas. She has talent for analyzing data and making operational strategic decisions that drive business success. With her deep understanding of the UAE market, she has spent over 5 years in the F&B retail sector, successfully launching and managing multiple concepts from inception to full operational capacity.

COVID-19: Food and Beverage Post-Pandemic Survey Results and Analysis

BrandPortunity Consultancy

WHAT makes us different?

Our consultancy and advisory team have over a decade of experience in the competitive food and beverage industry industries in the Middle East and North Africa. We have a strong track record of successfully opening hundreds of food and beverage concepts and business models in the region, as well as conducting brand studies, financial assessments and expansion plans. We offer assistance with market entry, franchising, negotiations, marketing strategies, and more. We are passionate entrepreneurs who love creating and growing hospitality and restaurant brands, and we will work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your project or business ideas.

BrandPortunity Consultancy
We are 'passionate entrepreneurs' who love to work together
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